From our inception in 1973 we have provided Filipino families the services of shipping their loved ones home to anywhere in the Philippines.  When the average funeral home might provide this service once in 5 years, we have served hundreds of Filipino families.  Through the years we have mastered the process of shipping to the Philippines and we provide you with the following:

  1. Shipping packages that save you money.  

  2. We handle all consulate paperwork and fees, quickly and efficiently.

  3. We book airline arrangements and provide negotiation shipping charges to save you money.

  4. We provide state of the art embalming of your loved one because we know how important it is  for your relatives back home to see the deceased looking peaceful and natural, and we understand as well that a viewing for several weeks might occur.

  5. We arrange for viewing, flowers, music, services by clergy at the Funeral Home or at the church.  

  6. We provide prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, register books and will discuss many ideas that will make the service more meaningful and cost effective

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