Here are some specific services and amenities we provide:

  1. Burial, cremation or entombment

  2. Chapel services in Manhattan or elsewhere

  3. Memorial services

  4. Casket and urn selection

  5. International shipping to the Philippines

  6. Preneed funeral planning

Here are just a few of the many services and amenities we provide:

  • Writing and placing classified death notices in newspapers;

  • Securing the death certificate and burial or cremation permit;

  • Arranging the purchase and opening of cemetery graves;

  • Arranging for cremation, if desired;

  • Providing pallbearers, when necessary;

  • Arranging for your choice of music, when requested;

  • Arranging for flowers.  Providing flower tables, and display boards for photos;

  • Displaying flags of different nations;

  • Providing a podium with wireless microphone system for speakers;

  • Ordering a burial vault;

  • Arranging for a grave marker, if desired;

  • Coordinating with clergy;


Priest, minister,  etc.

Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in the funeral customs of most every religion in the world.  We will assist and work together with your clergy person or because of our many years of affiliation with many clergy of all faiths we can recommend one if you wish.  Click HERE for information and a list of religions and customs.  Many families choose to honor their loved ones through non religious means.  Click HERE for Memorial Services.




One tradition that has endured the passage of time is giving flowers to express sympathy.  Flowers create special memories by adding warmth and comfort to the service , thus making those memories beautiful and meaningful.  Our creative floral expert will assist you in selecting arrangements to suit your needs and to assure your family's wishes are fulfilled.


Insurance payments

Our directors  will help you obtain, fill out and file forms for insurance, pensions, social security, union and veteran benefits etc.  These matters are always handled in strict confidence.  An in house notary public is provided for your convenience.


Out-of-town arrangements

When a death occurs outside of New York City, you can rely on us to handle all the details. We have contacts in almost every city in the United States and many cities throughout the world. We arrange all the details to transport your loved one home,  so you avoid duplication of effort, and expense.


Domestic  & International Shipping

With only one phone call, we provide you with our services anywhere in the world. Peter C. DeLuca Funeral Home is the local Funeral Home with the global ability to handle every circumstance that can arise.


From your first contact with our funeral director, details for transporting your loved one or repatriation into our care from around the corner, another state or around the world begins with us.


In every respect, Peter C. DeLuca Funeral Home maintains a tradition of excellence and personal service to your family's needs and wishes.


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