Our selection includes urns made of various woods, metals, porcelain, composites, biodegradable clay, and copper cloisonn� including a huge stock of different themes, colors and shapes.  Special scattering urns and custom engraving is available.


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Urn Vaults

For those choosing to bury the urn after cremation, and are concerned with protecting it from the elements and the damages that occur after burial, then choosing an urn vault is a good option.


There are several factors that challenge the integrity of an urn vault. Heavy equipment necessary for maintaining the cemetery grounds passes over the urn vault during cemetery operations. Ground water, too, is an important factor; A lined urn vault is constructed using high strength concrete. Lined urn vaults are reinforced in one of two ways: with durable plastic or with a combination of durable plastic and metal. Each lined urn vault provides the long-lasting protection needed to resist these elements over time.


Funeral directors around the country recommend Wilbert lined urn vaults because of the peace of mind a reliable urn vault offers families.

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