Peter C. DeLuca Funeral Home features Wilbert Burial Vaults which is the burial vault recommended by leading funeral directors across the nation, and selected by more families than any other brand.


The value of a Wilbert brand burial vault can be measured by the peace of mind that a structurally sound, finely crafted burial vault offers the family. The following is intended to give you the information needed in making your vault selection.


The Wilbert burial vaults are divided into three strength categories:


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Why a Lined Burial Vault is Better!

Superior engineering and advanced technology combines with hand craftsmanship to produce every Wilbert vault. High-quality structural concrete is the basis of our vaults' strength and durability. Additional strength is added in the bonded interior liners, made of high-impact thermoformed plastics such as ABS Marbelon�, ABS Trilon� or Strentex�. Beauty and additional strength are added with interior linings of stainless steel, copper or bronze.

Wilbert� Reinforced
Burial Vaults
High-Strength Concrete
ABS Trilon� Plastic
Bronze, Copper or Stainless Steel Metal.

Not All Burial Receptacles Provide the Same Protection

There are several factors that weigh upon a burial vault. For instance, there is the heavy equipment necessary for maintaining the cemetery grounds that pass over the burial vault during cemetery operations. To keep the grave from collapsing under the weight, a strong, durable vault is essential.


Consumer Information

Why is protection important?
Operating a modern cemetery can require heavy equipment--a backhoe for opening and closing graves, as well as tractors for maintaining the grounds. A strong durable vault provides greater protection from the weight of that equipment. All Wilbert vaults are designed to help protect the casket from the elements.

Resisting Loads...
There are several factors or types of loads that weigh upon a burial vault. Understanding the types of loads and how they each impact the burial vault is essential to understanding the importance of a quality lined burial vault. Click on the three images below to learn about resisting loads.


What role does the vault play?
A well designed vault plays an important role at the graveside, as the final resting place for the casket. The strength and beauty of the vault adds an extra sense of permanence and dignity to the graveside ceremony.


What Happens At The Cemetery?
The following four steps illustrate the procedure which normally takes place at the cemetery.


  1. The grave is opened and the burial vault is delivered and installed.

  2. The casket is placed while family and friends gather for the final graveside ceremony. The burial vault personalization can be viewed on the cover.

  3. At the completion of the service, the Funeral Professional will observe the final preparations for interment.

  4. The vault is then lowered into the ground. Later the grave will be filled, the soil tamped.

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